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Eco series playground E4001


Outdoor playground entirely made of recycle compact laminated materials and 100 % recycled plastic



Hot-dip galvanized steel structure


Paint color at the customer's choice (Several color options)


Decks and stairs fully covered with non-slip rubber


High density rotomolded polyethylene plastic components (several color options)


CAN/CSA Z-614 compliant


Delivery available across Canada


Playground size: 7,8 m long x 6,9 m wide x 5,3 m high


Safe Zone: 11,4 m x 10,5 m


Age category: 18 months to 12 years


Maximum capacity: 74 childrens

Eco series playground E4001

    • 3 slides
    • 2 roofs
    • 4 playground accesses
    • 1 stair
    • Several interactive panels
    • Several decorative elements
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