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  • Who install outdoor playground equipment ?
    Most customers (municipalities, campsites or schools) install their playground themselves. All our structures are pre-assembled and do not require any correction during installation. However, there are companies specializing in the field. All manufacturers and distributors of outdoor and indoor playground in Canada do business with subcontractors for the installation of their playground area.
  • How to prepare the ground before installing an outdoor play structure ?
    The ideal way is to excavate the soil on the area of ​​the safety zone specified by the supplier. For freestanding structures it is necessary to have a soil that is compacted and leveled with stone dust. It is also recommended to apply a geotextile membrane before installation to prevent the mulch or sand from mixing with the stone dust.
  • What is the best shock-absorbing surface for an outdoor playground ?
    The most common and least expensive shock-absorbing surface in Canada is sand. It is an excellent shock absorber but it must be aired regularly to prevent it from compacting, moreover it is often used as bedding for animals. Many schools have banned sand because children often drag it into school with their shoes. The cedar mulch and the wood shavings absorb shocks very well and help with the cleanliness and preservation of the play structure in the long term. However, this type of surface is 3 to 4 times more expensive than sand. It is also necessary to ensure that it remains humid during heat waves to prevent it from igniting. Rolled gravel is also an excellent shock absorber. It is naturally draining. It is desirable that it be of small caliber to prevent children from using it as projectiles. Its price is higher than sand and it can also cause more injuries to knees and hands. Synthetic materials such as carpets or rubber tiles are very clean and greatly appreciated, however the cost of these products is very high compared to other shock-absorbing surfaces. We offer rubber mats for playgrounds at around $8 per square foot.
  • Is the CAN/CSA Z-614 standard mandatory in Canada?
    The CAN/CSA Z-614 standard is not mandatory and no city, school, campsite or private company is obliged to comply with it. It is a standard that is mainly used to improve safety in playgrounds. Our company has made the decision to offer products that are certified or that comply with the CAN/CSA Z-614 standard. Even if a playground is not certified to the CSA standard, this does not mean that it is dangerous or that it does not meet the standard. Conversely, a playground that has been CSA certified is not necessarily safer because there may have been changes to the play area since certification. The best solution is to remain vigilant and regularly inspect the module to ensure that the equipment is safe.
  • What is a self-supporting structure?
    A self-supporting structure does not require anchoring in concrete. It is simply installed on level and compacted ground. The advantages are numerous: simple and quick installation at a lower cost, possibility of moving the structure if necessary, ideal for freezing and thawing, etc. The vast majority of our game modules are self-supporting.
  • What is the clearance or safe protection zone for outdoor play?
    The protection zone is the area below and around the play equipment and is made of a shock-absorbing material used to reduce the impact in the event of a fall. The safe zone for a play area is generally 1.8 meters on each side of the play structure. A playground that measures 10 m x 10 m should therefore have a safe zone of 13.6 m x 13.6 m at least.
  • How much does it cost to install a game module and how long does it take to do it?
    Installation costs vary enormously depending on how the structure is installed and the type of damping surface that is used, and also on the size of the module. A module worth $20,000 will cost between $8,000 and $10,000 to be installed by professionals. A medium-sized module can be installed in one day if the ground is prepared before the installers arrive.
  • What is the manufacturing and delivery time for a playground structure ?
    The manufacturing time for a play structure is approximately 8 weeks in normal times. It may happen that certain factors influence this delay.
  • What are the components of your structure ?
    The vast majority of our playground are made from a galvanized steel structure covered with baked paint. The decks are completely covered with non-slip rubber and are drilled to allow water to pass through. The plastics are made with rotomolded high density polyethylene and are very resistant to our climatic conditions. The hardware of all our psychomotor blocks is made of stainless steel and is vandal-proof. The cables are made of steel and are either coated with polyurethane or nylon.
  • Can you make a custom playground area ?
    The answer is yes, we can make a playground that suits your needs, budget and others. It is also possible to modify the colors of our structures according to your choices. Just contact one of our representatives to discuss it.
  • Do you have used playground structure for sale?
    It is very rare that we have used structure for sale because when a playground is installed, it is often in place for a period of 20 years. In addition, these structure no longer meet today's security standards.
  • What are the ideal play structure for 5 to 12 year olds?
    These are the play structure that represent a greater challenge for the children. Our Spiderman and Climber series is a good example. On the other hand, we integrate elements for children of this age category in all our series. Several play structure in the playground canada boat series are very complex and represent a great challenge for children. These modules will allow children to develop their psychomotor skills such as crawling, hanging, climbing, balancing, sliding, turning, etc.
  • Do your playground come in boxes?
    Our products are never delivered in boxes because they are too bulky. They are all very well packaged to avoid damage in transit. It is generally necessary to provide 3 or more peoples to unload the goods when they have arrived at their destination.
  • Do you provide a detailed installation plan?
    Yes we always provide a very detailed installation plan for the assembly of the play structure. The first step is to install the posts and the decks of the play structure. Then you have to assemble the other components such as the stairs, the panels and the slides. Each piece should be installed with a hardware bag which is individually wrapped. A key for the anti-vandal hardware is provided for you for installation. In addition we provide telephone support for each installation if necessary.
  • Does it happen that parts are missing when the play structure is delivered?
    Each part of the play structure is noted during loading, which means that you cannot forget a part in transport. Our delivery agent ensures that all the components of your playground are in transit.
  • What happens if there is vandalism or breakage on a part?
    Our play structure are designed according to precise specifications, which means that we can quickly replace the part with another. If we do not have the identical part in stock, we produce it and temporarily replace it with another part.
  • Do you have wooden play structure ?
    The answer is no, wood is not recognized by the Canadian Playground Standard. It deteriorates quickly and must be treated and repainted regularly. In addition, it often causes splinters in children. The structure of our products is always made of maintenance-free galvanized steel for a very long life.
  • Where have you installed play structure in Canada ?
    We have installed more than 500 playground in Canada to date. Several municipalities, campgrounds, schools and daycare have our products. Our products are therefore present in all provinces in Canada. Just contact us if you want to know the exact locations in your area.
  • Are your indoor playground custom-made ?
    All of our indoor play strucuture are custom-made according to the dimensions of your room and your budget. We design the structures according to the needs of our customers. It is therefore possible to choose everything that will be present in your indoor play structure. Different colors and themes are therefore possible. It is also necessary to take the time to choose the place of the entry/exit of the indoor game module.
  • Who manufactures and distributes indoor play structure in Canada?
    We are the only company based in Canada to manufacture and distribute indoor play structure. We have built several well-known amusement centers in Canada and our owners have also opened a 14,000 square foot amusement center in Quebec city, Mille Pattes Amusements. We can therefore help you in all stages of the realization of your project. Whether it is for the business plan, the design or the opening of an amusement center, our specialists will be able to guide you.
  • What is the manufacturing and installation time for an indoor play structure?
    Depending on the size of the indoor play structure, the manufacturing time is generally 7 to 8 weeks before the delivery of the goods. As for the duration of the installation, the answer depends on the following factors: the size of the playground area and the number of people working on the installation. It is not uncommon for an installation to be spread over a period of one to two months.
  • Is there a standard for indoor play structure in Canada?
    The answer is no ! There are currently no standards in Canada for these products. However, our products comply with the CE standard which is required in Europe for indoor play structure.
  • Can the play structure be assembled by the buyer and are the plans clear?
    The answer is yes. The vast majority of our customers (cities, schools or individuals) even proceed with the installation of their play structure. It generally takes a team of around 4 peoples to install one of our play structure. When someone installs one of our playground for the first time we always give him a short phone training so that he can follow and understand the steps of the installation plan. As all structures are pre-assembled at the factory, you do not have to make any adjustments during installation. The plans are very clear and all the dimensions of the module are provided to you to the nearest mm.
  • What warranty applies to your products?
    Here are the warranties offered on the various components of our products. We offer our customers the longest warranties in the industry. Aluminum parts : for life Hardware : for life Swing seals : 15 years Rotomolded polyethylene parts : 10 years Steel components : 10 years Swing seats : 5 years cables : 5 years Spring rider : 2 years
  • Do the playground have to be dismantled in the winter?
    No not at all. All play structure are built for the climatic conditions of Canada. There is therefore no need to remove the structure during the winter season.
  • How does the warranty apply depending on whether the play structure is installed by the buyer vs the installers of the company?
    The warranty is on the components and not on the installation. There is therefore no difference in the guarantees offered if the playground is installed by the customer himself.
  • What are your terms of sale?
    Conditions of sale: The products are payable on delivery. Any unpaid balance beyond 30 days will bear interest at the rate of 2% monthly. The parties agree that the contract will be interpreted according to the laws of Quebec and that any dispute will be pleaded in the judicial district of Quebec. Playground Canada is not responsible for any accidents that may be caused by the use of the products. Product colors and some details may differ from the photo. The warranty offered against breakage does not apply in the event of vandalism. The customer is responsible for the security area. The deposits will be kept as damages, liquidated in the event of cancellation or non-payment.
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